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Moira Lo Bianco

Moira Lo Bianco’s compositions include works for dance, film, theater and multi-media collaborations. Her sound organically navigates across musical styles from various genres.

Her recordings include: Sarabande for piano and cello (released in September 2019), Alma for piano and percussions (released in August 2019), 19twelve for piano and electronics (Dlod composer duo project, released in October 2018), Imago piano solo album produced by Steinway & Sons label/Naxos distribution (released in March 2016), Lunaria debut album for piano crossover Trio (released in August 2013).

Moira has performed at Di Menna Center for Classical Music, Steinway Hall, Bohemian National Hall, Queens Museum, Kumble Teather, Italian Cultural Institute (New York); Steinert Hall, MIT, Institute of Contemporary Art, French Cultural Center, Goethe Institut (Boston); Villa Celimontana Festival, Teatro Vascello (Rome); Newport Jazz Festival (Newport); Steinway Society of Puerto Rico (San Juan), among others.

Moira received the Berklee Faculty Fellowship Grant, the Outstanding Achievement Award and the Classical Contemporary Performance Award from Berklee College of Music. She is also a recipient of the Queens Art Fund New Work Grant. She was nominated for Jazz Artist of the Year at the 2013 Boston Music Awards.

Moira is a former faculty at Berklee College of Music, where in 2016, she founded The Equinox Music Festival and co-directed with Stephany Tiernan. In 2013, she launched a workshop series called Improvisation for Classical Pianists, that she has presented in partnership with Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA and Valencia, Spain campuses) and Steinway & Sons (M. Steinert & Sons, Steinway Society of Puerto Rico).

Hailing from Italy, Moira graduated in Classical Piano Performance at F. Torrefranca Conservatory, under the guidance of Paolo Subrizi. She also graduated from TorVergata University, with an Ethnomusicology thesis on Calabrian folk music and its traditions. Under the tutelage of Oscar award-winning composer Luis Bacalov, Moira studied film scoring at the Chigiana Academy. She further earned a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music, where she graduated in Professional Music (concentration tracks: Composition, Arranging, Performance).

Moira is a current member of the MEW program at Carnegie Hall. She is a Steinway Artist and a Steinway Educational Partner.